About the history of "Mozume"

Around the 6th century, a western suburb of Kyoto were called “Nishinooka”
(current Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto city , Muko city, Nagaokakyo city, etc.) 
In the villages of “Nishinooka,” there were regional leaders called “Kunishu.”

Nishinooka-shu mostly engaged in agriculture. However, should have become necessary, they gathered at Muko shrine and held discussion to secure their villages by themselves.
It was the most powerful warrior Mozume Sonyu who was governed the village Mozume. Based on Mozume-jo Castle, he governed the mostly from the present Mozume, Muko city to Nishikyo ward, Kyoto city.

While Oda Nobunaga expanding his governing territory, he entered Kyoto and appointed Hosokawa Fujitaka a lord of Shoryuji-jo Castle. Fujitaka forced each Kuni-shu clan to patronize him in return for acknowledging their land. However, Mozume Sonyu rejected his order and said, “Land of Mozume itself is an ancestral property  and we don’t need to say thanks to Hosokawa.” 

1575年10月2日、理由を付けて勝龍寺城城下に呼び出された物集女宗入は、細川家家臣 松井康之(まついやすゆき)と米田求政(こめだもとまさ)により不意を突かれて殺されてしまいました。一族は離散し、西岡の物集女氏は滅びました。この事件の後は、細川家に逆らう国衆はいなくなったと伝わっています。
In October 2nd, 1575, when Mozume Sonyu was forced to come to Fujitaka’s mansion in Shoryuji-jyo Castle, he was killed unprepared by Fujitaka’s retainers,Matsui Yasuyuki and Komeda Motomasa. Mozume clan broke up and then became extinct.After this incident, they say no Kuni-shu was reported to resist Hosokawa clan.